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Social Media

The real value of social media isn't in the number of "Likes" or "Followers" you have. Social media is about community and credibility. It's about having a conversation about things that matter to you with people who believe what you believe.

It may sound like heresy, but here's the truth:

You're better off with a small group of passionate fans than you are with a million followers who ignore your tweets.

A true social media strategy engages your fans and followers in a campaign to amplify your voice. Each time one of your fans shares your link or one of your followers retweets your message, they are giving you their endorsement and building your credibility with a larger and larger group.

That credibility establishes you as a thought leader and gives you a platform to fuel the dialogue on an important debate.

In other words, if your social media campaign doesn't harness more people to speak with your voice, you're wasting valuable time and resources.

And if you're not engaging your followers and fans in a conversation about the things that matter to you, you don't have a social media strategy, you have a billboard on an empty stretch of a lonely road.

We will craft a social media engagement strategy that increases the volume and frequency of your voice in order to effectively amplify the volume and frequency of your message.