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About the Firm

At Ampersand Strategies, we build communications strategies for game changers—people and organizations looking to fundamentally change the world—or at least their little corner of it. 

Our expertise was forged in the trenches of political campaigns, where effective communication is the difference between winning and losing. 

Focus. Precision. Drive. 

On the campaign trail, you get one shot to make sure you’re heard, to rise above the noise and to let the world know what you believe. Winning hinges on what you do with that one shot.

We take that sense of urgency and apply it to our clients. 

We call our approach "Leadership Communications."

We make sure you’re heard above the noise. And we make sure your message comes through. We know that when you effectively communicate what you believe, you’ll attract believers, constituents, clients and customers. 

We know that when you communicate what you believe, you build movements.

Ampersand Strategies believes that every client has a unique voice, and we believe that voice needs to be heard. Whether it’s a speech, a mail piece, a campaign or an op-ed, we help you craft that message—that one bite at the apple, that one moment when you have the chance to let the world know what you believe, and why they should follow you into the fights that matter.

In short, we make sure YOUR voice is heard—not somebody’s interpretation of that voice. Not what somebody tells you to believe. 

Your voice. Your beliefs. Communicated clearly.

That’s what makes Ampersand different.